Summer camp!

Summer comedy double feature presents Attack of the Giant Grasshoppers and Adventures of a Comic Book Artist to be performed on Thursday, June 25tth and Friday, June 26th at 7pm and on Saturday, June 27th at 5pm.


Auditions are being held on Tuesday, May 12th and Thursday, May 14th between 6-8 pm and on Saturday, May 16th between 10am-1pm at the BACC theatre in Barron.

Everyone who is interested in being involved in these zany, family friendly shows is welcome. Newcomers to the Spotlighters’ summer stage are encouraged to plan on coming to more than one audition time so that we can really get to know you and find the right role. There are 35 speaking parts that will be cast in these two shows, plus an onstage special effects team.

Theatre camp:

The Spotlighters will also be hosting their 7th children’s theatre camp. Students entering Kindergarten through 6th grade will spend 2 weeks working on a show and will experience many aspects of theatre, such as: developing a character, giving input on costumes, creating props, and working on the set. They will also play theatre games and do craft projects. Camp runs M-F from 12:30 to 5:30, starting on Friday, June 12th. This year’s theme is superheroes and campers will be given speaking parts as narrators, minions, and citizens in the comic book show, some might also get to help create a special effect or be one of the grasshoppers. Registration is $35.

Show summary:

Attack of the Giant Grasshoppers – is a sci-fi spoof that takes place at a school science fair. Chaos erupts when one experiment goes horribly wrong and turns people into giant grasshoppers that eat everything in sight, the SWAT team arrives but in the end, the day is saved by another student’s entry.

Adventures of a Comic Book Artist – is a mini musical set in NYC. The owner of a struggling comic book company obtains magical pens that bring the artist’s creations to life. The plan is to create a superhero and publish the first live comic book. Unfortunately the first character turns out to be a villain who locks up the artists and wrecks havoc on the city. Stanley, the janitor who dreams of being an artist ends up with one of the pens, without knowing their power, and creates a team of unlikely superheroes.

Contact: for more information, please email spotlighters.patti@gmail.com or send a message to The Barron Spotlighters on Facebook.