Murder’s In The Heir Clue Winners!!

Week One
The Concession’s Director was murdered by Mrs. PeaCoCk, with the CandlestiCk, in the Conservatory.
The Clue was “The answer is easy to see, see, see, see, see.”  There are five “sees”. Each corresponds to a letter “c” in the correct answer. The correct answer had five letter “c”.
The winners were: Joy Stevens, Jodie Swanson, and Barb Jaks.
Week Two
The Office Manager was murdered by Miss Scarlet, with the Lead Pipe, in the Dining Room.
The Clue was “My Secret Life Permits Distasteful Retribution” Each word in this clue begins with the first letters  in the name of the murderer, weapon, and room.
M, S, L, P, D, R
The winners were” Cathy Amdall, Lana Blumer, John Halverson, Rexetta Halverson, Erin Haag, and Nerrisa Suovitz.