2014-2015 Season


Barron Spotlighters is opening the 2014-2015 season with  Dear Ruth, which opens September 25 and continues through October 5.

Dear Ruth, one of the most popular comedy hits of modern times,was presented by Barron Spotlighters many years ago before they made the BACC their home.   It tells the story of a young girl who uses the name of her older sister to carry on a romantic correspondence with an overseas solder.  Though the older sister is already engaged, a series of hilarious complications and plot twists makes everything work out  in the end.

 The second show of the season is the musical Hot Rod, which will be presented in January.  Hot Rod is a boppin’ nifty fifties musical that steps away from the world of malt shops and sock hops!  Peggy Sue used to be the best of the street racers, but now her aspirations run toward college.  Her sister,  Betty Lou, however, is a street racer who ends up owing bookie Daytona Bob a heap of money when she loses a race for him.  Daytona Bob makes a new bet — Peggy Sue must race for him.  If she wins, he’ll let Betty Lou off the hook.  A great family show with lots of fun music, Hot Rod opens January 15 and runs through January 25.

The final production of the season is To Kill a Mockingbird, the classic drama which deals with the state of race relations in the 1950’s.  A young black man is wrongfully accused of a crime and a white lawyer, Atticus Finch, chooses to represent him.  When asked by his daughter why he’s doing it he responds “Because if I didn’t, I couldn’t hold my head up.”  Atticus fights his legal battle with a result that is part defeat, part triumph, and as he comes out of the courthouse, the deeply moved town minister tells Scout, “Stand up. Your father’s passing!”  The show opens in March, 2015.

Special additional shows being presented include the family musical Princess Whatsername, performed in August, and I Am Not A Legend – the Story of Vince Lombardi, performed in December.

This is a season not to be missed and information about our shows or season tickets is available by calling 715-537-9212 or emailing barronspotlighters@gmail.com.