Please note the ticket price for A Guy Named Tom is wrong.  Ticket price is $6.  Sorry for any inconvienence.

Summer Theatre

Summer Theatre

Family fun open to all ages and experience levels!


Thursday, May1st 6-8 pm

Sunday, May 4th 2-5pm

There will be an additional audition date in June for the musical, to be announced later.

June comedy “Bulldog Saves the Day”
Performances June 26,27,28

The audience will cheer for the hero and hiss at the villain in this melodrama comedy by Pat Cook. Our heroine, Lullaby F. Broadway, moves to the town of “Wharzis” to take on the position of school teacher and secretly to find her father. Her new students are a bit unusual in more ways than one, from their varied ages and sizes to their names like “Lida Bonfire” and “Anita Break.” No melodrama would be complete without a dastardly villain, and “Big Harry Deal” has plans that must be foiled again and again.


August musical “Princess Whatsername”
Performances August 11,12,14,15

This fairy tale comedy by Brian Taylor will have the audience laughing and tapping their toes to Bill Francour and Scot Deturk’s music. A princess awakens in the forest with no memory of who she is and where she comes from and sets out to find answers. Along the way she meets a host of characters including Hansel and Gretel, Rumplestiltskin, Snow White, Goldilocks, and many others. Not far behind her is a prince searching for his love. As he follows the trail, he accidentally rescues the wrong maidens and is eventually challenged by other princes who wonder, what gave him the right to save the day. As with any good fairy tale, all works out for a happy ending.

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Facebook: The Barron Spotlighters

Call: (715) 537-9212

*Produced by special arrangement with Pioneer Drama Service, Inc., Englewood, Colorado

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